Hotel Oleandro at Sant'Andrea - Island of Elba
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Sant'Andrea: Hotel OleandroIsland of Elba: Hotel OleandroIsland of Elba: Hotel Oleandro

Hotel L'Oleandro
Via del Cotoncello 74
Capo Sant'Andrea
57030 Marciana
Isola d'Elba (LI)

Tel. +39.0565.908088
Fax. +39.0565.908088
Skype: oleandro.hotel

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Visit the Careno Diving Web Site

A diving-center offers assistance and organizes interessant excursions guided by experts to visit our seabeds.

Sport on the island of Elba Sport on the island of Elba Sport on the island of Elba

You can also practicise sports like kajak, surfing and climbing. A lot of well-marked and clean courses allow relaxing and resting walks among the secular valleis of chestnut trees and the mediterranean maquis.

You can do a lot of excursions by mountain-byke and on horseback. Our granite and quartz reefs are unique in their kind for their geological importance and their incredible beauty.

The most lazy people can hire scooters, motorcycles, little motorboats to visit our wonderful reefs.