Hotel Oleandro at Sant'Andrea - Island of Elba
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Sant'Andrea: Hotel OleandroIsland of Elba: Hotel OleandroIsland of Elba: Hotel Oleandro

Hotel L'Oleandro
Via del Cotoncello 74
Capo Sant'Andrea
57030 Marciana
Isola d'Elba (LI)

Tel. +39.0565.908088
Fax. +39.0565.908088
Skype: oleandro.hotel

Our cuisine

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Quality ingredients and simple preparation are the criteria which has always inspired the restaurant of the Hotel l'Oleandro, open to hotel guests and outside visitors.

In each dish offered the products of the sea and land come together harmoniously to give you unique flavors that can be enjoyed on the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea.
Oily or valuable fish, rock or trawled fish, but also octopus, margherite (spider crab), molluscs and crustaceans are combined with wisdom to wild herbs and aromatic plants such as rosemary, which grows wild blue flowers carpeting the cliffs and escarpments, the nipitella (wild mint), fennel and wild beets, in order to create tasty dishes.

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Hotel Oleandro: ristorante - Island of Elba Hotel Oleandro: ristorante - Island of Elba Hotel Oleandro: ristorante - Island of Elba

Among the dishes taste better mixed fried fish, squid with Swiss chard or "alla diavola" (cooked in a pan with oil, garlic, rosemary, white wine and chili), boiled octopus, spaghetti with crab sauce, risotto with squid ink and anchovies in sauce (with stewed onions, raisins and pine nuts).
Between the plates of the earth the inevitable wild boar, the Tuscan cold cuts, braised beef in red wine, but also the meat ravioli prepared by our chef.

Hotel Oleandro: ristorante - Island of Elba Hotel Oleandro: ristorante - Island of Elba

A complete menu of our restaurant suggests seasonal vegetables cooked with imagination and creativity, with a special consideration for vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements.
Authentic delicacies are desserts and homemade cakes, like fresh pasta.
For hotel guests the menu offers daily the choice of three starters, three main courses, two side dishes and dessert.